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Anyone use Triton lamps? Any suggestions?

Will be replacing my hagen sun-glow and Aqua-Glow soon.  Was told by
MOPS owner Dan Cole that he found Triton lamps twice as bright and worth
the extra $$$.  Other choices include Coralife10,000 K Daylight lamp,
Actinic, Magtinic 50/50 and Trichromatic lamps.  What are some tube

My tank is a 50 gal with two 36 inch 30 watt tubes.
Ph 6.6
hardness 30 ppm
temp. 80

Kitty litter and sand used for substrate
Seachem Flourish and Tetra FloraPride used for fertilizer

Plants include hair grass, Crytocoryne wendtii, an unknown Crytocoryne,
Echinodorus bleheri and an another unknown.

Thanks for any help