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lighting for Crypts

+Olga wrote in response to Bebbetufs "Please help..giving up!":

+> >- -Preveausly I had approx. 70w of fluorecent lightning, but
+> >decided to get a 250w MH. lamp.
+> You have changed your lighting drastically.
+> Swords and crypts do well in
+> low-medium light. They would take time to adjust
+> to such a big light boost

+Steve wrote:

+Yes. Most Crypt species will melt with such an increase in light
+they will recover in a few weeks given good conditions. Incidentally,
+Crypts don't _have_ to be grown under low-medium light but are
+I think many people grow very nice Crypts under strong light, even
+sunlight under emersed humid conditions. That is how to get them to

I am growing them is outdoor shaded area which gets direct sunlight for
about 3 hrs every afternoon. All varieties are thriving and are not
They flower constantly, although the flowers are not very conspicious..

The "red" crypts in partial sunlight are 15" tall and extremely

Another set of  plants grown in same condition WITHOUT CO2 are identical

and show no difference phycically. I observe more flowers in this tank..

The same plants grown in partial sunlight (and no direct sun) are much
smaller with 6" leaves and lighter color than the above two cases.

The crypt. spp. are 2" tall with broad big horizontal leaves and
The same plants grown in shade are about 1/4 the size and slow growers.

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