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lighting for Crypts

Olga wrote in response to Bebbetufs "Please help..giving up!":
> >- -Preveausly I had approx. 70w of fluorecent lightning, but 
> >decided to get a 250w MH. lamp.
> You have changed your lighting drastically. 
> Swords and crypts do well in
> low-medium light. They would take time to adjust 
> to such a big light boost
> plus they both like a rich substrate which was also disturbed.
> One could expect the crypts to melt [right Steve?].

Yes. Most Crypt species will melt with such an increase in light however
they will recover in a few weeks given good conditions. Incidentally,
Crypts don't _have_ to be grown under low-medium light but are tolerant.
I think many people grow very nice Crypts under strong light, even
sunlight under emersed humid conditions. That is how to get them to