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Ammonia smell in substrate?


My only guess is that you had some kind of reaction or bacteria/biology
going on in the sand that is producing the smell.  Are you sure it is not
sulfates or a sulfur smell ? I think I remember you said you used some
"Sandblasting sand"  All sandblasting sand is not equal and is not intended
for aquatic used.  You gota be careful.

I have had good luck with fine river sand. First I  tested for calcium
content  (the vinegar test). Everything OK. Then I washed the crap out of it
with water/bleach to de-bug it, rinsed it a trillion times, I spread it out
on our patio glass table for a couple of days then washed it again.  Then I
let it sit in 5g buckets with de-Chlorinator for a couple of days.  This was
my first 10g tank about 10 years ago.  Since then I buy 25lbs bags of fine
2-3mm natural quartz river gravel from The Aquatic Center in Baltimore for
about $9 a bag.  I still wash it and then don't have to worry about this.
Its worth the piece of mind.  Others have had luck with Tex-blast
sandblasting sand but I could not source it here in VA.  See the archives
for more on gravel preparation.

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Tom Brennan