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H2S Problem

Quoting TAG 10:2

"Sulfides are oxidized to sulfates by free oxygen wich exists in the top
half inch or so of the substrate and are never present in oxygenated
water........An aquarium with insufficient light or conditions necessary
for photosynthesis may suffer oxygen deficit and hydrogen sulfide formation
may result."

I had to take down my gravel laterite tank in these days and I saw that the
Anubias' roots where totally black and decaying 1 inch deep in the
Is this the cause of H2S?

How come that I had this problem? Reading the article in the TAG issue I
couldn't find anything wrong with what I did.
I used 3mm gravel less than two inches deep, 15g tank with 3watts gallon of
light, water temp at 80, no fertilizer except for KNO3 and Pflanzengold 7

Can anybody tell me what I did wrong?

Anyway my anubias was growing fast but not very healthy, with that I mean
that its leaves were very easily attacked by algae.

PH 6,5-7, CO2 added, GH 8, KH 5, NO3 5-10 mg/l

Thanks a a lot

Simone Vicini (psvicini at mdnet_it)

PS I never saw bubbles coming from the substrate