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Re: Plastic Plants

Kelly wrote:

<My husband is under the impression that the plastic plants would look just
as good in a tank if you did it right and got the good looking ones and be
less hassle and cheaper!>

Boo, hiss!

<I have to agree on the last 2, but I was wondering if there are any pictures
on the web of a heavily planted plastic tank VS a heavily planted real tank
that I could show him?>

If you're ready to throw in the towel on "Nature Aquaristics" you should try
decorating with rocks and driftwood and maybe even a little Java fern.  You
can make a very natural and attractive display without having to resort to
plastic plants, Kelly.

<He understands the benefial parts of real plants.>

Ah, but does he understand the psychological benefits and satisfaction we get
when it finally all comes together?  This is what makes it worth the
occasional hassles. 


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