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Re: Plastic Plants

I will offer a dissenting vote and say that sometimes plastic plants are
the "better" alternative.  We want our fish and plants to thrive in a
semi-natural environment and for the fish espically this many times
includes having hiding places.  In some cases it may be impractical to
grow live plants with things such as silver dollars, but having the plants
present in the tank will provide cover for the fish and also make it lool
nicer.  I used to have some cichlid tanks with plastic plants, but now
only use rock for them.  I have no plastic plants and will probably not go
back to them ever.

However, I feel that we should not be too "snobby" and say that it is live
or nothing as there is every persons own opinion as to what looks best,
even if it is a glow in the dark skeleton drinking from a pither that tips
with the air bubbles.

I don't want to step on toes, but Kelly was interested in the positives of
plastic and we should try to help.  One final note I once read in a fish
mag (maybe AFM) that at a fish show a planted tank won best decorated, but
it turned out to be plastic instead or real and there was a debate as to
the approiatness of the entry.  Thus to me it seems possible to create a
beatiful plastic tank if your heart so desires.

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