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Re: Caridina japonica

A. Inniss wrote:
	"I have access to what I believe are the same shrimp we see in
Amano's photographs (C. japonica, if I remember right).  I'm wondering
whether anyone on the list has kept them, and what recommendations they
might have.  I would be particularly interested in any breeding info.
They're not cheap, running about $4.50, but if these are the right shrimp,
and they are as good at eating algae as is said, then I'd be willing to
shell out the $$$."

If you have the availability of Grass Shrimp which sell for 10 cents or
less, I think that you will find that you get the same results!  These
grass shrimp are found throughout the Country -- particularly in Florida. 
I would suggest that  you try these first!