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Caridina japonica

	I've discovered that I had the names confused:  the shrimps I have
now purchased are not C.japonica, a.k.a. "Bee Shrimp", but rather the
"other" shrimp seen in his books.  Looking through volumes II&III, about 
3/4of the pictures have the shrimps featured, but not one of them lists what
the name of the shrimp is.  In volume II there is a picture on p. 40? 42?
that shows one of the other shrimp, and in the text next to it, it does
list "Caridina sp."  I assume the other, unnamed shrimp sp. is the Yamato
shrimp.  I bought 7 of them, and I will report back on their algae eating
capabilities.  They were definitely eating a green, filamentous algae in
the store, but this is the same algae that I've seen Ghost Shrimp eat, so
that's not really significant news.  Which reminds me: Merrill mentioned
that I should try Grass Shrimp, since they are cheap and good algae
eaters.  I'm not sure which shrimp this refers to.  I've seen Ghost Shrimp
called Glass/Grass and Ghost Shrimp.  I've also seen around here a
decidedly different shrimp being sold as a "Grass Shrimp".  It cost a few
$$ (don't remember the exact figure), and supposedly would eat algae.  I
never got around to purchasing any, so I can't comment on its algae-eating
capabilities.  It was a fair bit larger than a "Ghost" shrimp, and looked
"different".  (Going from memory, I don't remember in what ways, but I
looked pretty closely at it at the time, and remember it was enough
different for me to be fairly certain it is not the same species). I was
told that it didn't eat "Black Brush" algae, though, and I have never seen
my Ghost shrimp eat this type of algae either.  This Yamato shrimp
supposedly does, though.... We'll see ;-).


	Thanks, Paul for confirming what I suspected, and explaining why.