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	Hello.  I have been thinking about setting up a 55 gallon tank
filled with plants.  I would like to keep a couple of Angle Fish.  I am
looking at a Pet Warehouse magazine and I see some plants and
fertilizers.  I think that I may want to get the South American
Collection(Three Echinodorous osiris rubra,three Echinodorous
paniculatus,three Cabomba species,three Alternanthera)  I am also
thinking about adding a bag or two of Flourite to my pea gravel.  
	I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this
collection of plants or this substrate.  I will be using a magnum 330
canister filter with a small air pump.(I heard that this could be bad
though) I would like to put some large rocks and maybe a piece of
driftwood.  Is this a good environment for the plants and Angel Fish?  I
might have some other fish too.  I would also like to have some Java
Moss.  Does this sound like a good setup.  Any other plant
recommendations?  Any other mail order catalogs or internet sites I could
check?  Thank you sooo much for your time,

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