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Co2 cylinders and the Real hydro

I  really think that the DOT reg. is a five year hydrostatic testing and
one year visual inspection.  I have 15 scuba tanks and they are reg. by
DOT as are all high pressure tanks in the US.  A hydro wears down the
life of a tank, I think every year would be a bit much.   Look on the
date on the upper part of the bottle, on the shoulder area the list of
numbers tell a lot.  The last date stamp on it is the last time it was
hydro'ed.      JiM C.
> So while the fire dept may
>be cheaper per refill, it does not have a built in hydro
>($15 locally).

Can you please describe what is a "one year hydro?"

Although I get my CO2 in replacement tanks from the local welding shop,
refills are done by beer joints and at some aquarium shops.

I would be interested in the proper procedure for refilling CO2 tanks.
Anyone know?