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Re: random question

The answer to the random question is quite simple: yes.  It is true 
the nutrients in natural waters will be much less than in an aquarium 
unless these nutrients are limiting the tank.  However, the idea is 
not to simulate nature -- it would be much too difficult to do.  You 
would have to provide provide a constant supply of very small amounts 
of nutrients, and, in most cases, suppy very high light levels.  Many 
areas have very pure water.  This does not mean that having nitrates of
10 ppm is necessarily a bad thing.

- Darrell

> From: D0NxD0N <D0NxD0N at aol_com>
> Subject: random question
> ::yawn:: well the apd has been boring for a while and i just wanted to ask a
> random question.  i was talking to someone on aol yesterday and he had this to
> say about having a nitrate of 10 ppm-
> <<<<Also, the nitrate levels in natural eco-systems (be it the Amazon River or
> the tropical reef) are near 0 ppm.  A well-balanced ecological system will use
> nearly all of the available nutrients.  Excess nutrients is an indication of
> an out of balanced biological system.  10 ppm of nitrate would only be found
> in polluted waters.>>>>
> is this true?? ive heard some people say that zero nitrates in a planted tank
> isnt necessarily a good thing and a nitrate level of 10 ppm or less is good
> for the plants.
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