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selling plants to the LFS

Yes, I've had all the complaints from the larger LFS that George
mentions and so for the most part I don't go there except to get frozen
fish food and see if there are any new cool Crypts or Aponogetons in
(almost never).

Not sure what George's advise was other than to toss the excess in the
garbage (which I do with Salvinia) but I have had to get real creative
to get rid of my excess trimmings. Here's what I did.

1) I made friends with a guy (Matt the owner and sole employee) at a
small, struggling aquarium shop (Oasis Pets and Aquariums on Hastings
St.) and helped him set up a tank with a soil & peat substrate and yeast
CO2 injection. I gave him a bottle of my mineral and nutrient mix and
calcium carbonate and instructions on how to use the stuff. About every
week or two I bring him a new bunch of trimmings. The number one plant
he sells is the pink Hygro poly. I get a few bucks for my trimmings
(which otherwise get tossed) and wholesale prices on whatever I need
that he carries.

2) I take cuttings to various aquarium club meetings and sell or give
them away. Not sure I'm coming out ahead on that because I now have a
bunch of killies and baby killies that are even harder to market. :-)

3) I help anybody I can who's interested get their aquariums going with
plants. That's not money making but its gratifying and the trimmings
don't go to waste.

Steve Pushak
Aquatic Gardeners Association - the Vancouver chapter