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Re: LFS pricing

Dave Gomberg writes:

<< Karen, my LFS offered me 14% for some fish.  I flushed them rather than
> give them away.  This store has a rep for very high retail prices too.
> Often twice what the mail order places charge. >>

Standard wholesale on livestock should be 1/3 retail.  When I used to sell
angels for to one of my favorite LFS's years ago, the proprietor always
lowered the retail to reflect this ratio, "passing on the savings to the
consumer".  I can understand your frustration.  You may have to go further
afield to find a more reputable store.

One place I sold killies to for $3/pair, turned around and charged $15.  When
I returned with another batch, and pointed out he was the only store in
Baltimore that had killies, thanks to me, and that I expected to receive a
fair price, and that I could probably get said fair price from up the street,
I got $5/pair, the fair wholesale price for the retail.

Not every store is easy to deal with.  Many proprietors have been struggling
for so long that they have lost sight of the benefits of establishing and
maintaining a good relationship with the "big spenders" who are into this
hobby to the point of insanity.  They try to make a killing at our expense,
sometimes just so they can survive, and instead end up losing steady customers
who would over the long haul improve the store's line

Bob Dixon