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RE: selling plants to the LFS

I have been selling and trading to my LFS for the past year.  I have sold   
over 500 green swordtails, 200 white cloud mountain minnows, and tons of   
JAVA FERN.  I too have run into the trouble of getting what I would like   
for my products.  What I have found out that is better than trying to get   
cash is to trade for fish/plant products.  To this date I have acquired:
(1) 30 gallon fish tank
(3) 10 gallon fish tanks
(3) free refills of a 20# CO2 tank
(many) containers of fish food
(many) fish
(6) fluorescent light bulbs to my tanks
(little) cash
The reason for little cash is that this comes right from the stores   
profit.  It is better for the small trader/seller to trade for items.  I   
have found that the store is more willing to trade for items since it is   
better for both sides of the transaction.  The store has a markup on   
products that can reach 100%.  If you purchase from the store then you   
will be paying all the high prices.  But if you trade I have found that   
the store will in essence give you more for your plants/fish since most   
of the time they will give you the items a the cost they paid for them   
and not the marked up price.
Try to approach the store manager this way.
I have not been to a local Society but I am doing my best to get to a   
meeting this month here in Houston.

Best of luck.

Internet: klwebb at sbec_com