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Re: Fertilizers in canister filters

Julie Craves wrote:

<<Is there any point to putting fertilizer tablets (I'm thinking
specifically of Duplarit K) in one of the media chambers of a
canister filter for it to dissolve slowly?  I do have some in the
substrate near the roots of the plants (but I came upon this too
late to put Duplarit G in initially).

Duplarit K are meant to be pushed into the substrate near the root of
plants. Duplarit K is the same as Dulparit G, but in ball form instead
of powder, so that they can be used with aquariums with UGF's. Putting
laterite balls in the filter will do no good. The laterite will get
spread all over the tank, or it will clog the filter. Now, the
DuplaPlant **tablets** can be put in a chamber inside the filter. In
fact the instructions recommend doing just that.


Guillermo Vega-Toro
guillermo_vegatoro at stercomm_com