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Re: CO2 cylinders

> From: "Roger S. Miller" <rgrmill at rt66_com>
> Subject: Re: CO2
> Paul Sears wrote:
> > 	As for CO2, why are people fooling around with yeast setups?  I
> > admit that I paid about $175 CDN for my cylinder setup (no controller),
> That answers a large part of the question.  There's usually a lot of
> competition for the next $175 that I spend.  My aquariums rarely win.
> > but it has run for something like 3 years so far on its first filling,
> > and I haven't adjusted anything in months!
> $175 CDN "amortized" over 3 years is still $4.86/month, which is way more
> than the cost of sugar and yeast.  

	I intend to amortise the cylinder and regulator over a lot longer 
than 3 years.  The $20 for a refill has to be amortised over a few years,
but the rest doesn't.

> Besides, messing with things is part of the fun of the hobby, isn't it?

	Yes, but I don't have a home-made generator to supply electricity
to the aquarium, and I don't make my own trace element mix (any more).

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada