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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #78

>I a rather new, although I have done much reading.  Anyway, I am planing
on >setting up a 10 gallon planted tank with Angelfish.  I plan on using
yeast >injection, laterite, fertilizer tablets, and 2 light tubes (3
watts/gallon?)  >The LFS sold me some "peat plates" so the plants could
root.  I plan to use >these and some driftwood to make the water soft.  I
think that Angelfish prefer >softish, slightly acidic water.  What would be
the best test kit for hardness >and pH in this case?  I am considering the
deluxe assortment kit for Aquarium >Pharmaceuticals but would like to get
your thoughts first.

I've been using the Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Master Test Kit (I think this
is what you're talking about--tests for pH, NO2, Cl, NH4, GH) for several
months now.  I am fairly pleased with it; the test readings all have seemed
to make sense.  (i.e. they tracked the nitrogen cycle developing, they show
appropriate changes in GH when I add DI water).  I'm sure that it is not as
good as some of the more expensive kits often mentioned on this list, but
it is probably good for beginners or people unwilling to spend a lot of money.

The biggest problem is that it doesn't have tests for NO3 or Fe.


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