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Re: filter bubbles

Don Hutton
02/04/98 06:27 AM
Mike wrote:

>>>I recently added a power head with a fine particulate filter to my 60
tank. The purpose was to provide additional water movement and to clean the
water of some of the floating bits.
After about a week, the filter become clogged up, waterflow slowed down to
a trickle and the filter produced gas bubbles.
I guess that these are either N2 or C02 bubbles. I haven't attempted to
collect them and test for acidity. Either way, I am losing "valuable"
macro-nutrients. I suppose, the bubbles could be methane, too.
Does anybody have any thoughts on this?<<<

It sounds like the power head is cavitating.  This happens whenever you
restrict water flow to the input side of a pump.  As far as I know, the
bubbles are caused by dissolved gases (oxygen etc) coming out of solution
due to the low pressure. You should clean the filter as soon as the bubbles