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Shane wrote:

>I have set up a DIY CO2 injector using dry yeast, 2l bottle, 1 cup of
>brown sugar and water. The problem is that it only appears to last >about
2-3 days before C02 production drops off. Does using dry >yeast make a
difference to the amount of C02 production? Should I >be using alternatives?

I have found that two cups of white sugar,  teaspoon of dry yeast, and 
teaspoon of baking soda, and water to the 2/3 level of the 2l bottle works
for about three weeks for me. It also helps if you shake the bottle once a

The level of production will drop off after the first week, but one bubble
every three seconds works well for my setup.  Monitor your pH very carefully
since CO2 will lower the pH quickly if your water is not buffered properly.
I use baking soda for a buffer.

Ken Guin
Kenguin at homemail_com