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Yet more green water!

Yes George,

I do belive that I offered a possible cure for bacteria bloom, initail
questiom was in regards to running in a new tank.  If I erroniously
stated it was a cure for green water I apologise.  Within the context of
the discussion though I belive it was clear that it was "green water"
(should this be called white water?) due to tank run in.  I have never
actually experienced true algea bloom so I can't say much about it.  I
have read the Krib and the FAQ and altough excelent I still find that
there is a confusing bulk of information out there. Sometimes terms and
are inexact at best.  It seems that this is a relitvely new aspect of
the hobby, at least here in the U.S.  Or at leat it isn't very
widespread.  It takes some courage for a relitive novice such as myself
to post here.  If sometimes we make mistakes, novices that is, please
excuse us.  Nobody learns without mistakes, not even the Gurus