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Re: Running In of New Tank

My understanding is diatom prefers lower light level.  Your
lighting looks adaqute, so in theory the diatom will eventually
be outcompeted by green algae and higher plants.

However, if you are impatient, diatom can be controlled
biologically by sucker mouth cat fish and snail.  For your
tank, probably three to four otto cats will do the job.


> an algae plague.  The algae is brown (and from what I gather is probably
> diatoms), and it is spreading at a very fast rate.  If left on the leaves
> of the plants, the brown algae grows into a thread like texture.  I have
> been manually removing as much of the algae as possible, but they reform on
> the leaves as fast as I can remove it.  The tank has four platys and three
> siamensis at the moment.  The fish do not appear to like the brown algae,
> preferring instead to eat the green thread algae.

Louis Lin             lhclin at aw_sgi.com
"Plan B: Dilbertize the enemy."