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Re: Fish that need no food

In a message dated 97-12-01 04:05:08 EST, Bain Chin wrote:

<< I wonder if there are fish other than the black molly which you can leave
> in a tank without food. (The tank does have algae.)
> I believe that guppies are also in this catagory. I try it for a month, but
> the guppy seemed to have gotten thinner. (This question is related to a
> "perpetual tank." - a self sustaining tank.) 

The best fish for such a problem would be an algae eater like Siamese Algae
Eaters, or certain Plecos.  Carefully do your homework on the latter, as not
all species are strictly algae eaters.  Otocinclus cats would probably be
excellent, if you can establish the softer, fuzzy algaes they seem to prefer.
 But algae growth would have to be sufficient for the number of resident
fish.  Any such araingement would have to have the input of light. 

Bob Dixon