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Running In of New Tank

Hi all,

I am relatively new to the list, and about three weeks ago, set up my first
planted tank.  I have read the FAQ, various prior posts to the APD archive,
and other list member's websites (eg George Booth).  I think I have done
all the "right" things in setting up the tank, but I am currently battling
an algae plague.  The algae is brown (and from what I gather is probably
diatoms), and it is spreading at a very fast rate.  If left on the leaves
of the plants, the brown algae grows into a thread like texture.  I have
been manually removing as much of the algae as possible, but they reform on
the leaves as fast as I can remove it.  The tank has four platys and three
siamensis at the moment.  The fish do not appear to like the brown algae,
preferring instead to eat the green thread algae.

The tank specifications are :

Bottom 1/3 laterite base, upper 2/3 gravel (3 mm size)
Approx. 35 gallons
70 watts of lighting on for 12 hours per day
No PMDD fertilisation at present
Water changes at approx. 30% per week
Fast growing plants, such as cabomba, hygrophila, vallisneria, water
sprite, and ambulia (approx. covers 60% of tank) all growing well and
putting out new shoots.

Can anyone provide suggestions as to how I can get rid of this type of
algae ?  eg. more frequent water changes, additional fertilisation of
plants, CO2 injection, longer length of lighting ?  Or do, I have to be
patient and hope that this is just a running in phase, and it will
disappear by itself ?

Thanks in advance.

Chen Leong