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You of all people should not feel guilty about unanswered questions.
Not one scintilla.  And neither should anybody else.  I wrote the
following a few days ago right after the "my questions didn't get
answered" crybaby post appeared and then thought better of sending it.
Since you're feeling guilty, here it is anyway:

"IMO the APD is voluntary and democratic.  When I don't get answers to
my questions I figure: i) the question was asked and answered; ii) the
question was criminally stupid (and didn't deserve to be answered); iii)
folks are simply too busy to respond; or iv) the Zen Master WON'T answer
the question, so I should continue "suffering" while I work it out.  I
never for one minute think that anyone "owes" me an answer.

"Karen Randall often points out that "patience" is a virtue in this
hobby.  I agree with that.  When I see this whinning on the APD, I
figure it's just like my two year old complaining when he can't have
something.  I think we all owe a huge collective THANK YOU! to the
wonderful people who share their time to help people on the APD.  Try
suffering silently the next time you don't get an answer ;-)  You might
learn more than you think :-)"

Cheers, Steve Dixon