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Fertilizer with Potassium

Hi all,

Can anyone recommend a good commercial fertilizer with Potassium? I
think that some of my plants are showing K deficiency now that I am
adding CO2 and increased lighting (220W on a 60-gal tank, used to have
only 80W). The new leaves of two Amazon Swords are getting translucent
and whitish in color. Before CO2 and increased light, these Amazons were
not growing much, but were a lot greener. Soon after CO2 and increased
lighting, the plants exibited a tremendous growth spurt and lots of
oxygen bubbles. Last weekend, for the first time, Nitrates measured 0
(used to always measure between 10 and 20 ppm). 

I currently fertilize with Kent's Freshwater Plant supplement (2 or 3
capfuls on each weekly 15 gal water change), and push Flourish Tabs and
laterite balls on the base of the plants. I also just started adding 4
drops of Dupla Plant 24 every day. I used to add the drops that came
with a Red Sea plant care test kit (Aqua Flora), but switched to Dupla.
Lights (5200K) are on for 12 hours. PH is between 6.8 and 7.0, KH is 3,
GH is 4, Nitrates are undetectable (Wardley's test kit). I  haven't
reliably measured Fe because my iron test kit (Red Sea) is worthless,
but I assume that the deficiency is not Fe because the leaves are not
yellow. Is that a correct assumption? At any rate, none of my
fertilizers seem to contain K. Other than mixing my own (PMDD), is there
a fertilizer with K that I can buy?. I've seen a fertilizer from ADA
called Brighty-K which is rich in potassium. Has anyone tried it?

Any comments will be greatly appreciated.


Guillermo Vega-Toro
guillermo_vegatoro at stercomm_com