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Echinodorus ID

Please help me identify this plant.  It was sold to me as a "sword plant,"
so I presume it's an echinordorus sp.

Descrip:  I assume it is not full sized, but it has fairly dark green
rather shiny lanceolate leaves.  The largest is 4 inches long 3/4 inches
wide, on a thin 6 inch stalk.  They are smooth on the top surface except
they indent slightly at the veins.  It looks alot like the E. argentinensis
picture in my Baensch vol. 2 (not a great picture).  Here's the stickler:
the veins do not appear to be palmate at all, instead the pinnate, opposite
veins trail upward from a single central vein.

The retailer said it came from a FL wholesaler, so I assume it's not a
particularly rare or unusual strain.

Thanks in advance for your help.