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Re: Fertilizer with Potassium

On 19 Nov 1997 09:38:29 -0700, George Booth <booth at hpmtlgb1_lvld.hp.com> 

>Duplaplant tablets (added after biweekly water changes) contain
>potassium.  Tablets in conjunction with the daily drops you are
>already using should be the only fertilizers you need.
>Duplaplant fertilizer tablets
>- -----------------------------
>Used at each water change to add trace elements that have long term
>stability.  Note: for the analysis, a tablet was dissolved in distilled
>Ca   5.5 ppm    Mg   0.3 ppm    Na 116.0 ppm   K  2490.0 ppm    P    0.3 ppm
>Al   0.4 ppm    Fe 234.0 ppm    Mn  36.8 ppm    Ti   0.6 ppm    Cu   0.2 ppm
>Zn   0.6 ppm    Ni   3.7 ppm    Mo   0.7 ppm    Cd  <0.1 ppm    Si   5.7 ppm
>Cr   0.1 ppm    Sr  <0.1 ppm    B    6.7 ppm    Pb   0.1 ppm    V   <0.1 ppm


How much water was the tablet dissolved in? I would think these results 
came from dissolving in a much smaller volume than Dupla recommend given 
the iron levels reported. I'm just wondering what results you'd get at 
the recommended dosage rate.

David Aiken