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Triton lights revisited

Last week, there was some discussion about Triton and other fluorescent 
tubes.  Some people were going to email A. Exell in England with questions 
about the bulb.  Did anyone get an answer?

I emailed him myself, asking about the discrepancy in sizes and features of 
the different Tritons (he never answered).  For instance, the 24" and 48" 
bulbs are T12s, whereas the 36" bulb is a T8.  This is important to me 
because for some weird reason, the T12s work with my Rapidstart ballasts 
and the T8's do not.  I like the Triton bulb and would like to use it on my 
36" tank, but unless it comes in a T12 Rapidstart variety, I can't.  Anyone 
know about this?

Roxanne Bittman
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