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Re:Shrimp Eggs

> "Darren J. Hanson" <djhanson at calweb_com> wrote

Apparantly El Nino has increased the rain flowing into the Great Salt Lake
resulting in decreased salinity. Under conditions of decreased salinity,
brine shrimp tend to have live births as opposed to producing cysts. Also,
those cysts that are produced under such conditions tend to be of lower
overall quality.
I would have to say that this is probably not true. Precipitation here has been
fairly normal for several years. It was above normal this year but I believe it
was only about 16.5 inches for the year and we usually get about 15. I don't
believe that this problem ocurred in 83-84 when we had flooding and a
significant rise in the lake level. The lake has been fairly stable for several
years now. I suspect, though I don't know, that it is due in large part to
over-harvesting of the lake.

Brad Lauchnor
Looking out the window at the Great Salt Lake ....