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Re: shrimp eggs

n Digest V2 #1058,  "James E. Capelle" <jcapelle at gte_net> wrote:
>>This came over from the Rainbowfish mailing list tonight,  thought
>>someone might like to hear about this.  Time to stock up on eggs before
>>the price goes out the roof.  Jim C.
>I have verified that eggs are going to be in extreamly short supply through
>two different suppliers. One has already doubled their price and has made
>statements indicating that they do not know how long even THAT price will be
>good or how long they will be able to keep eggs of ANY quality in stock. The
>other supplier has increased prices by a full third and instituted a limit
>of three pounds per person (wholesale!) per month!

This might be a good time to look into some supplemental food source like
microworms or vinegar eels, cheap and variety.  They are always there even
when the bs culture crashes.

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