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Re: Lighting - Power Compacts or not??

>>      By my thinking, the power compacts make the best overall deal!!
>>      Anyone have experience with pc lighting??  Any help would greatly be
>>      appreciated.
>I've been trying to figure the relative costs too. One interesting option
>is the compact fluorescent bulbs that you buy to replace incancescent bulbs.
>These are much less expensive. Now they shouldn't have the right spectrum,
>right...? But, I have several planted freshwater and some reef marine tanks
>with them and they are all doing very well. Surprisingly so. I still hesitate
>to depend on them but it has sort of happened by default on these tanks
>since I haven't gotten around to 'doing them right' yet the plants and corals
>are still doing great.
>- -Walter

-if you are going to use compact flourescents, there are some made in the
store that you can replace the bulb part, they run about 9-10 dollars here.
they come in 5, 7, 9 and 13 watt sizes, and ive noticed That Fish Place
carries daylight bulbs in 9 and 13 watt sizes, and acitinic in 9watt(i
think, i may be remembering wrong, i dont have the catalog with me)
so if you decide to do this, it will prolly be abit more expensive
initially, but you can get a wider range of light types, and over time it
would be more economical