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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #969

> Date: Sun, 21 Sep 1997 23:08:35 -0600
> From: Samir Makar <smakar at cableregina_com>
> Subject: Softened Water


>                                                  Does anyone know how
> much Sodium is being put into the water.  By the way, my softener is
> working.
> Samir Makar

That depends on how hard your water is and how well the softener is
working, either of which can change from time to time.  But there is a

Measure the hardness in unsoftened water and in the softened water, and
subtract to find out how much hardness has been removed.  Then:

if you measure hardness as ppm CaCO3

sodium increase (mg/l) = 0.46*hardness decrease (ppm CaCO3)


sodium increase (mg/l) = 8.2*hardness decrease (degrees)

The uncertainty in this calculation is _big_ because you get it by taking
the difference between two hardness calculations with very tall error