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Lighting - Power Compacts or not??

>     I am setting up a 25 gal tank with the Amazonian decor, Angle (which 
>     I've had for years, a couple of Discus and something really small. 
>     Unfortuatly I am very confused about lighting this tank.  I will be 
>     useing CO2 (at a small rate).  Going by the scale of 4W per gallon, I 
>     believe 100W will be sufficient lighting.

100W of light over a 25G tank is really overkill.  In a tank this small,
you are going to spend your life weeding it out if you are driving it with
that much light.  When you add the nutrient levels you'll have with 3 large
fish plus misc. others, you've got a sure recipe for algae.  I'd back it
down to a _maximum_ of 3w/g on a tank of this size.  I'd also not keep
Discus in a planted tank of less than about 50G in size.  They just produce
too much waste with the meaty foods they require.  
Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association