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Where to buy Plants in Toronto

Hello everyone!  I just joined this list and look forward to learned lots
from everyone.

I keep a 90 gal tank with large chinese goldfish. 

Lately the nitrate levels (80 to 140ppm) have me interested in placing a few
plants in the tank.

I know I'm asking for trouble, since gf love to eat plants, however there
are a few that some have had reasonable success with, Java Fern , Anubias,
Hornwort, Salvinia.  Since I except to replace these plants often due to the
gf nibbling on them, I need a reasonably cheap source for aquatic plants in
the Toronto Ontario area.

Can anyone recommend a place and/or a Canadian mail order supply??

Much thanks!

Al Paglieri
Toronto, Ontario
43"39'N  79"23'W