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Metal Halide lighting

After reading all the helpful answers to my questions on building a reflector
for a fluorescent hood I got to thinking.  George's suggestion of considering
4ft tubes over 8ft tubes seemed to make a lot of sense.  After realizing that
fitting 14 tubes over a 265 gallon tank might be a little tough, and even though
the T-8 tubes are the most efficient light source for aquarium plant tanks, the
answer became clear.

After a two hour trip to the Krib, I realized metal halide makes a lot more
sense in my situation.  My first question is where does one find the lumen
output of the various MH bulbs which are suitable for aquarium plant tanks?
This information is notably absent in the magazine ads that I have looked at.

I need that info before I can size the bulbs, though my gut feeling is a 250
watt bulb in the center and a 175 watt bulb on each end should do fine for a
tank with surface dimensions of 84" x 24".

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