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Re: Metal Halide lighting

Mike Roberts asked....

>After a two hour trip to the Krib, I realized metal halide makes a lot more
>sense in my situation.  My first question is where does one find the lumen
>output of the various MH bulbs which are suitable for aquarium plant tanks?
>This information is notably absent in the magazine ads that I have looked at.

The 250 watt universal MH 5200K lamp from Venture Lighting emits 14300
lumens (halfway through their useful life). I believe that this bulb is
identical to the Coralife. If you can afford it, it's a good lamp.

>I need that info before I can size the bulbs, though my gut feeling is a 250
>watt bulb in the center and a 175 watt bulb on each end should do fine for a
>tank with surface dimensions of 84" x 24".

My gut feeling is that you would be better with four 250 watt lamps.
Though allowing less flexiblity, eight foot fluorescents would be a
lot cheaper and somewhat more efficient. Don't they come as 5000K T-8s?

Dave Whittaker
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca