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Ed Tomlinson wrote:

There seems to be a *big* missunderstanding about PMDD.  PMDD is a 
process for developing an optimal mix for your plants.  PMDD is not
just mixing fixed ammounts of chemicals and adding them to your 
tank.  Its about watch the plants, tracking the iron and nitrates
and adjusting the mixture.  So this means that there cannot be 
to much iron in PMDD...  It just means the mixture should be 
adjusted.  The idea is you know exactly what you are adding and
you are not spending a fortune on the additives.

I'm with you 100% Ed, but if you hunt for micronutrient mixes you might
end up with "Chelated Secondary Mix" from Plantex from Ontario, Canada
(this is the micronutrient mix originally used by Sears and Conlin)
which has 7% iron which might just be quite a bit of iron.  While one
could reduce the CSM amounts as compared to the other additives, one
could not reduce the ratio of iron to other micronutrients.  Perhaps a
small point, but so far as I know, no one is adding all the
micronutrients element by element.

Regards, Steve Dixon