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Seachem Flourish

You can mail order from That Fish Place (1-800-733-3829 or 1-888-THAT PET)
Call them and you can get a free catalog.  From my experience they are 
fairly inexpensive.

Here is the code for the product, if you want to order on your first call:

343143  100ml----$2.99
343144  250ml----$3.95

This is cheaper than buying it from the pet shop.

What I recommend is you get the catalog sent to you first.  Look through 
it for other things that you might have been wanting to get, they have a 
large inventory.  It is better to order in large loads, because they will 
charge a min of shipping of about $5, anyways so it is a waste of money 
to order little things one at a time.

Other mail order places you might want to try:
Wet Thumb Aquatic (810)725-0960
Mail-Order Pet Shop 800-366-7387

Le Minh Tran
minhtran at basil_stthom.edu

"I've shut the door on yesterday and thrown the key away.  Tomorrow holds 
no fears for me, since I have found today."