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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #842

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<< am new to this, and have purchased a Python cleaner and water changer.
 I must hook it up to and outside hose bib, as it wont fit on my
 goodeneck sink faucet. My question however is this: I find that it uses
 a tremendous amount of water which flows all over my yard. Is it
 necessary to have the water on full force? Is there a way to use less
 water. I have searched the archives and could not find anything on this.
 harold at azpedeye_com
I use a python also. I fill the line with water first, and then pull the knob
to make it drain and turn of the kitchen faucet. The water doesn't have to be
running to drain your tank, it just works faster if you leave the faucet on.