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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #842

>From: Roxanne Bittman <rbittman at kirk_dfg.ca.gov>
>Subject: Riccia on wood
>6 weeks ago I set up a new 40 gallon tank and included two pieces of wood
>with Riccia on it, attached using lots of monofilament line.  I followed
>instructions in Amano's book which indicates you need to wrap the line over
>and over, with lots of overlap to keep the Riccia down.  The book says that
>eventually the Riccia will attach to the wood and stop trying to leave it.
>Yesterday the whole mass on both pieces of wood lifted itself off and
>floated to the surface.  Left behind were the pieces of wood with
>monofilament wrapped tightly around them and a few stray bits of Riccia.
>Not quite what I'd intended.
>Does anyone have experience with this method of attaching Riccia to wood?
>I've since reattached the liverwort and will wait another 6 weeks to see if
>it stays this time!

I've been tying Riccias to wood for the last 1 year and still have this
problem of them floating out of the wood a few months later!! :-P
The roots DOESN'T seem to get attached to the wood. I've even tried using
"cloth netting" with the same results. Maybe net stockings might help but i
doubt it.

I guess this msg doesn't solve your problems but its just to confirm that
u're NOT the only one with this problem.. ;-)

I've seen Amano tie the Riccia by criss crossing the line over them. BTW,i
just use fine 30Ib fishing line to do the tying...it's the same thing
...only much much cheaper!! ;-)

I've also tried tying Riccia to smooth,flat pebble stones with the same
results as above! :-(

So,i'm coming to the conclusion that,after some time,u'd just have to tie
them over and over again!!! :-P