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Re: iron

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> Date: Fri, 18 Jul 1997 23:39:11 -0700
> From: Harold Pachtman <harold at azpedeye_com>
> Subject: Iron
> At Home Depot I found a large container of Iron Sequestrate. It appeared
> to be enough for the average person's need of Fe for a lifetime, and
> cost about $10.00. Now my question is, is sequesstrated Fe the same as
> chelated Fe? Will it work as well? Will it harm fish? Is it soluble? How
> can it be mixed in with the other trace elements to make up PMDD?
> harold@azpedeye
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Plants can only make use of chelate Fe.  Regular Fe cannot be absorbed
by plants, however it does not harm fish or other organisms in small
amounts.  You'll get cloudy water that will last depending on you
filter.  Take it back and look for a product that states its nutrient
percentages with chelated iron.  It will not be a large percentage
(something like .25% is considered an adequate amount).  The label
should something read like:  Iron .......... 15%

                   Chelated Iron .......... 0.25%

The "Security" brand clouded my water too much so I tried the Black Leaf
equivalent which has the same percentages but does not cloud my water.

Good luck,