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Re: Amano's CO2/KH/PH

I think this answers one of my test kit questions, but I would like to double
check before buying them.

I was planning on getting the Hach "Total Alkalinity" and the Hach "Carbonate
Hardness" test kits.

The first will tell be how "hard" the water is for the purposes of making the
fish and their eggs osmotically "happy."  The second test kit will tell me how
much C02 is dissolved in the water by using 'the chart' as a lookup table
against carbonate hardness and pH.

Am I getting warm?

>KH test kits usually measure total alkalinity, not just carbonate
>hardness.  Other things in the water (commercial buffers using
>phospahte, for example) can affect the total alkalinity and cause the
>"KH" test kit to read incorrectly. The tables assume that the
>carbonate hardness is only from carbonates. 

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