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Re: Amano's CO2/KH/PH

> Date: Sat, 21 Jun 97 14:06:05 EST
> From: icom at cybl_com
> About the Amano's book.. The values of KH/PH/CO2 published are not =
> to the charts that you sent to me last days..(the CO2 ph KH charts..)
> Why???

KH test kits usually measure total alkalinity, not just carbonate
hardness.  Other things in the water (commercial buffers using
phospahte, for example) can affect the total alkalinity and cause the
"KH" test kit to read incorrectly. The tables assume that the
carbonate hardness is only from carbonates. 

Other possible causes of the mismatched values -- translation errors,
wet finger guesses on the values, made up data, who knows.  I myself
may have posted conflicting data at one time or another, based on
failing memory.