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the role oxygen in a planted tank

Kasselmann (Aquarienpflanzen) and Horst (Pflanzen im Aquarium) discuss the
role of oxygen in a planted aquarium, yet I have not seen any references to
the subject here on the APD. Both suggest that a high, constant O2 level is
beneficial to the plants as well as the fish and the bacteria and results
in a healthier tank.
Apparently, the plant growth was higher in an (artificially) oxygenated
aquarium than in an identical, non-oxygenated setup. No reasons were given
(Kasselmann). Also, Horst says that one of the most important functions of
a trickle filter is its ability to saturate the water with oxygen, to
maintain a conststant O2 level throughout the light and dark periods.
Again, he suggests that O2 plays an important role in plant growth. Why?

And now to the questions:
Do plants suffer at night when the O2 drops?
Are the plants'  resources being used up to rebuild the O2 level in the
Should I look at trickle filters or H2O2-oxygenators?
Do I have enough O2 in my tank as it heats up in the summer (82+ deg F)?
Am I anal retentive? :-) 

Michael Eckardt
in subtropical southern Ontario