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Filterless Plant Tanks

	Just had to add my own two cents to this one. I too have had very
good luck with filterless plant tanks. In fact, one of my favorite tanks
(and a $100.00 winner in a local planted tank contest) uses no filtration.
I will not go over how plants are filters since this has already been
covered, but I do want to mention which fishes are appropriate for this
type of set up.
	This filterless tank is a 20 High. It is heavily (as in Amano
heavily) planted. Light is 3 X 20 watts gro-lux lights. CO2 is DIY. The
sole residents are four Pelteobagrus ornatus. They are a small (2.5cm or
1") glass cat from SE Asia. I am always amazed at how high people stock
their tanks. Filterless plant tanks need to be very conservativly
stocked. They also need to be stocked with fishes that do not require
elevated levels of O2 or constant water movement. Using fishes that can
take atmospheric air is also a good idea (e.g. Corydoras, Bettas,
gouramis, etc) since they will be able to survive, and prosper, in lower
than normal O2 levels.
	Filterless plant tanks do work and can be very beautiful. I just
wanted to point out, however, that not all aquarium fishes are suitable
for this type of tank.

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