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Filterless Plant Tanks

I have had a 2-1/2 gallon aquarium on exhibit for the past two years, which
has had NO external filter of any kind for at least seven years. It has ONE
quite luxuriant Anubias nana v. nana, and a small amount of Java moss. For
five years it had no artificial light, only the natural light through a North
facing window. It has also had NO water changes during that time, only
topping up with rain water. The fish inhabitants are three White Cloud
Minnows, and their occasional fry. (which are removed when they get big
enough to catch! :-) )

There are no detectable nitrates, nitrites, or ammonia in the water. The
water is crystal clear, there is no algae.

I have found it quite curious that the vast majority of viewers simply cannot
fathom a tank with completely clear water and healthy fish without some kind
of external or internal mechanical filter. Some even look UNDER the stand, to
see where I have hidden the filter system!

To quote Will Rogers, "The trouble with most folks ain't that they are
ignorant. It is just that they know so danged much that just ain't so."

Yes, plants ARE a filter, but IMHO most folks are so used to heavily
overloading their tanks with fish, and compensating for that with elaborate
filters, that they just can't understand the obvious. Or, what is obvious to
the folks on THIS list. :-)

I am NOT "against filters" - All of my other tanks have them - but I wished
to point out that they are NOT absolutely necessary to get either clear water
or healthy plant growth!  It depends upon your goals, and what trade-offs are

Jean Olson
JOlson8590 at AOL_com
Out in the Boonies, near
Cambridge, Iowa