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Silent Filter for 20G tank

I decided to set up a 20 gallon long (30") tank to allow me to experiment 
with a few techniques (I can't imagine tearing down the big tank due to a 
"mistake").  I need recommendations for a very quiet filter for it, since 
I'm placing it in my bedroom and want it to make as little noise as 
possible.  Although I love their simplicity, I don't want a 
hang-on-the-back (i.e. Aquaclear) type since I'd like to place it as close 
to the wall as possible. The plan is to have a planted tank with a moderate 
fish load.

In going through one of my catalogs, I came across a "System 2 Overhead 
Wet-Dry" by Aquarium Products. It seems rather interesting in that it seems 
to fit over the rim of the aquarium. Has anyone ever tried it?

In the external cannisters, theFluval 103 or the 203 seem ideal...is the 
motor on these as quiet as the motor of an external aquaclear? Would the 
103 be sufficient, or should I get the 203?

The last option that I can think of is an internal filter. Even though it's 
going to take up some space inside the tank, it would make the tank a self 
contained unit. Any recommendations between the internals?


 Farzan S.                                  farzan[@]ibm.net
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