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re: shorter Vals


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From: Steve Parry <spug at intlog_demon.co.uk>
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Date: Sun, 22 Jun 1997 13:48:49 GMT
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>Subject: Re: Shorter Vallisneria

>>Mark was inquiring....
>>Does anyone have some Val. that stays 18" or under?  Willing to do some
>>trading or purchasing.  If you just know the species, let me know and I'll
>>find a source myself.  All the Val. I know of is too tall.

>I wish I knew of some. A while back I asked people on this list if they
>knew the scientific name of something labeled "Crystal Val." It began
>as a straight skinny twelve inch plant in the pet shop. It spread rapidly
>and now the darn things are growing larger weekly and have now attained
>four feet in length. I doubt that they are V. gigantea which I have owned
>and which grew even larger and much thicker.

>Dave Whittaker
>ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca

Me three, Has anyone had this prob:

Val (don't know which, but leaves up to four feet long, I thought it
was V. gigantea until saw the above post) grows at an astonishing rate
until, I guess, it uses up all available supplies of a particular
nutrient. It then stops growing and dies back. The tank, now limited
in "???" is then completely taken over by the really tough hair algae,
the type which, if you try to pull it off of a rock, ie, will bring
the rock with it.

Can anyone shed any light on the "dynamics" of this situation. 
Any fish eat this stuff? Also, has anyone found use for the algae? It
is so strong, and a such nice colour I thought of knitting a jumper
out of it.

To get revenge, I gave it a thorough nuking in the microwave and put
it back in the tank where it was munched upon with relish.
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