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Myco. - Increasing treatment duration

     I've been reading with interest all of the good information posted on
Mycobacterium infections.  I was faced with a myco problem in a population of
rare fish a few years ago.  I used a combination on Rifampin and Doxycyline
for an EXTENDED period (6 months) and the fish have been asymptomatic (notice
I don't say cured) ever since.  I plan to send out some culls for biopsy soon
to see if they are free form Myco.  The extended treatment appeared safe, in
that the fish are still reproducing, and the few deformities seen in fry
during the treatment have not reoccured since it's completion.  I fed the
drugs as a component of a gelatinized diet so I could contol dosage.  This is
obviously a last ditch resort and was worth the expense for this particular
group of fish.
     Mycobacterium marinum is also called "fish handlers disease".  It was a
common problem among workers at fish processing plants, and I am aware of a
few cases that resulted from the handling and chopping of seafood products.
 If you feed such items to your critters, its not a bad idea to wear those
disposable latex gloves while you chop...especially if you have cuts on your
hands.  Processed flake foods are not  a problem, as they contain dry, heated
 fish meals.

Pete Mohan